My name is Mathew Swinson and I am a certified Heart Coach. Growing up, I learned that God was a “loving” God, but the mean, condemning, and distant kind that was waiting for me to not perfectly follow the rules so he could punish me. This made for seasons where I was “on-fire” for him, and seasons where I felt constant guilt while bracing for Him to cause some kind of destruction in my life because I may have gotten one of the Christian rules wrong.

After years of struggling and then going through the worst season of my life in my 20’s, I realized that I had probably used up all of the patience God had for me and I doubted His goodness and desire to be close to someone who just couldn’t get it right. It is in this season of suffering that God showed me that I had been wrong about who He was this whole time! Now I have a daily intimacy with God that I didn’t even dream was possible and I want to teach you how to have this in sunny seasons and stormy ones.

Are you ready to take your connection with God to the next level? I want to help you!